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Apdex Score

What is Apdex Score?

Apdex (Application Performance Index) is an open standard for measuring the performance of software applications.
Its purpose is to transform metrics into insights about user satisfaction by identifying a uniform way to analyze and report the extent to which measured performance meets user expectations. If the user changes the t value, the Apdex scores of all the runs will also be updated with refresh.
The parameters in this calculation will be:
Maximum Satisfactory Response Time (t): This value will be automatically assigned by Virgosol according to the test results, but if the company wants, they can change this value later in the modal field opened in the settings.
Maximum tolerable response time (4t): According to the given t value, it will be given as 4t.
Satisfied Count: It refers to the number of samples responding at t value and below.
Tolerating Count: It refers to the number of samples between the t value and the 4t value.
Frustrated Count: It represents the number of responding samples with a value of 4t and above.
Total Samples: Indicates the total number of samples in the run.
The Apdex Score Calculation Formula should be as follows:
Apdex Score Formula
The result of this scoring results in a value between 0 and 1. According to the score, where 1 is the best case and 0 is the worst case, the user is given a grade on the following scale:
  • 1,0 - 0,9 Excellent
  • 0,9 - 0,8 Good
  • 0,8 - 0,7 Fair
  • 0,7 - 0,5 Poor
  • 0,5 - 0,0 Unacceptable
After the test is completed, you can see your apdex score result on the dashboard and summary report screens.