What is Loadmance?

Loadmance is a visual performance modeling, testing and results analysis platform where you can run Performance scripts to test a web application against heavy load, multiple and concurrent user traffic using existing performance evaluating tools.

Loadmance is a new platform that enables rapid development of complex artificial J2EE test environment applications.

No code knowledge is required for these operations, as Loadmance will run without having to write code while running edited test cases and analyzing reports.

By choosing the appropriate configurations, testers and developers will be able to model and simulate how resources such as CPU and memory are consumed by different parts of the application.

With the Loadmance project, it will be easier to use complex performance measurement tools. The implementation of tests will not be limited to the local machine or the local country, and distributed tests from different servers and countries will be provided, and in-depth analysis and customization in analysis and reporting will be easy and possible.

Loadmance will ensure bugs find and fix easily, by allowing to occur bugs that occur frequently performance bug on real systems.

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