Dashboard and Summary Report

After the run is starting, you will be directed to the report screen. You can follow your test this screen.

  1. Dashboard

On test info, where you can see detailed information about the test performed. View your important metrics such as connect time, response time, error rate here. Also see the detailed graphics and data of your endpoints on the dashboard screen and filter them as you need. You can view the apdex score and score detail of your test from this screen. (see: Apdex Score Page).

Make Your Own Dashboard: You can add any metric you want as chart in this area. And see your important metrics, or compare them.

Left Side Bar: From this area, you can view your error and assortment details, monitor the results of your KPIs, compare your endpoints, and monitor your engine and logs. You can also compare sent and realized requests on the APM tab.

URL: You can copy the URL of the dashboard screen and share it with your manager or relevant people.

  1. Summary Report

It allows you to download the dashboard screen as a printout or save it as a PDF to present it to your managers or relevant people.

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