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Compare Test

With compare test module, a user can select up to three test from any Project. Then select any detail type from response for managing the test data and to view them in graph or as a list.
To start comparing, the user can navigate to a Project’s details by clicking their name card.
In the current display, the user can click the + symbol near a tests name to see each run of the selected test.
Among the listed options, a test run can be selected by clicking the empty checkbox near their names. Up to three tests can be selected per compare function.
Alternatively, clicking the checkbox near the test name selects every test run in it.
After successfully selecting test runs, the user can click the Compare Tests button which displays the selected tests as a group.
Within the new display, projects can also be de-selected by clicking the delete symbol if neccessary.
After confirming test run selection, the user can can be navigated to Compare screen by clicking the Compare Tests button.
In the compare page, each run is listed at the left side. The user can click on a test run in order to see and manage the response details of each run as filters.
By selecting a detail type from the list, the user can see the results in a graph.
Graph results can also be enlarged for a better data management by clicking the enlarge symbol on the upper left of each graph.
Graph results can be changed to an alternate view in list by clicking alternate view symbol on the upper right of each graph.