Schedule Tests

In Loadmance, our users can set a test to run at a later date. In order to do so, a user can click the calendar symbol on the upper right of main page.

From left to right, The Test Schedules page shows the name of the test, current status of each run, date of their first run, date of their next run if set, requency of each run and when the tests will end.

From Test Schedules page, the user clicks Add Schedule button to select which test to run.

In the opening window, the user selects a Project from “Select Project”.

After selecting a Project, the user can select a test within the Project then clicks Next button.

At the next section, the user can select a future date from Select date for the test to run. Then selects at what time should the test run in hour.min.sec format then clicks Ok.

Under the Date section, user can also click the Repeat button which configures the tests to run at set intervals. After clicking Repeat, user can select the repeat count and repeat period under Repeat Every section.

If period type is selected as Week, the test can also be assigned which days to be run.

Then the user selects if the test run should never end, end at a given date or end after a given run count.

After finishing the set up for the test Schedule, the user can click Save & Schedule to add the test run to Schedule list successfully.

Scheduled tests can be edited or deleted from the Test Schedule screen by clicking the three dot(…) near each test run.

In Test Schedules screen, the test runs can be filtered by selecting their status by Select Status.The tests can also be navigated through the list by using the search box.

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